Summer is here and so is the Texas heat. (Which yes living here my whole life means it will be very hot for a while) Just in case any of you were wondering that means 25 years of living in Texas. Now not only is there a few things to make sure when living in a grapevine apartment but also how to enjoy those amazing pools that all apartments offer.

Start From The Inside to The Outside

Make sure you have had you a/c checked and filter changed (you want to do that about every 30 days) but lucky us when we live in an apartment all we have to do is call the office of our apartment complex to put in a service request. J And it’s that easy! Also when you make that call to the office be sure to ask about your pool hours and rules while at the pool. All regulations can be different at certain apartment complex so you want to make sure you are aware of yours.

pexels-photo-61129Be Prepared for Your Fun Day in The Sun

Always make sure your phone is charged and you are wearing the right clothing and skin protection for being outside. Not only is it important to have your phone charged in case of an emergency,

But now A-days most people do not take their phone to pools because the risk of getting it wet. The big problem with that is you never know when an emergency can occur. So be Prepared!

So maybe wearing the right type of clothes is obvious to most people but do not forget also comfortable shoes and light weighted clothes will keep you cute. Sorry girls I know we love to look amazing all the time, but if you’re planning on spending your day outside make sure to wear hair up and be comfortable. Sunscreen is a big time YES!

You may be a person who says that never get sunburned or need sunscreen, but YOUR WRONG! Everyone needs to protect their skin for the Sun’s harmful rays (wow I sounded like a sunscreen commercial lol)

photo-1467044705596-744699fa8931Bring Towels, Fun Toys & Extra Clothes

Anytime when going to the pool always have on hand your towel, especially when going to your Grapevine Apartment Pool. Bring some fun toys to play with a t the pool, but just remember you are not the only ones who use the pool so be curiosity of others as well.  Extra clothes is always a great idea in case of you needing to change or getting extremely wet and need to get dry.

So grab your Swimsuit and sunscreen and be ready to enjoy this amazing Texas Weather at your Grapevine Apartment!