When moving into a new apartment it can become very expensive in the blink of an eye. You might have almost everything you need to furnish your new home, but when buying the last of it, here are a few things you need to know when buying used and new. We want to help you get the most bang for your buck! Follow this guide to help you save along the way.

IMG_0583Buy used/new depending on certain items while checking them thoroughly to make sure the condition is good. You can definitely find for a great deal used furniture. Resale Shops and Garage sales (yes you may have to get up early on the weekend) are great places to look for awesome furniture. Thrift stores are another place to be able to look for and now a lot of the times since we are technology driven, there is craigslist and offer up that offer people selling their used belongings.
IMG_0588This one may be at your choice but I personally think you can buy used or new appliances just depending on what it is, it could be something like a microwave or washer that would be great if it is hardly used and still works. You would be able to save a lot. Now with things like blenders and dishes you may need to be careful, so I would recommend to buy new.

Buy used tools, no tools are not part of furnishing but will be needed when decorating your new apartment. Hammer and drills are always easy to find in garage sales and if you do need any kind of power tools please ask to test it before purchase.

Grapevine ApartmentsBuy used art! Artwork for you to decorate would be great from any resale shop or consignment store plus you may find very unique and still modern pieces to make your home look great! Even when you see something that maybe you can turn into something modern and new then go for it! DIY

Buy new mattress! That for sure is a must please and you may ask any apartment community do not buy used mattress due to the fact of not only bed bugs but any other bacteria that may be there.  Also do not forget to buy New Bedding to go with your new mattress, making sure you buy new bedding decrease the risk of bacteria and you may not be aware of how well the thrift store took care of that bedding. So buy new bedding to have your feet laying on clean sheets!

shutterstock_60909841Now since you have all the things to move make sure to stop by Royal St Moritz today to come and look at our great floor plans and amenities to bring your new and used buying’s in-to! If you contact one of leasing professional today we can set you up with an appointment and tour of our property. Call us today! 817 416-1998